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Javascript error cannot read property bind of undefined

bind returns a new method each time you call it, which means that react cant optimise your render method. React looks at the props of components to see if anything has changed, and. When binding this to my addTimes function I get an error stating: Cannot read property ' bind' of undefined. I am building in ReactjJS. In order to be able to bind addTimes to this in the constructor, addTimes must be a method on your class, not just a function in the render method. If you want to create addTimes in the render method, you could just bind this to the function there: function. bind( this, this. product_ code) } > Add < / a> < / span>,. or add just a simple button, it show the item and button in cart. But if I add this line of code then it gives the error Cannot read property ' bind' of undefined and. There is a typo in onClick on button: this. bind( this) is the right way.

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    Javascript bind cannot

    Function is named OnShow, the state var is named onShow. Your ContactListPanel tries to bind on this. So in this case you are trying to bind( this) to an undefined function. An error occurred in app. js, line 9, character 21230? There are multiple errors in your code that needed solving. The bind error is because upComment does not exist in your code. What you should bind is the function itself ( updateComment ) and not the prop name. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ' Checked' of undefined - ReactJS 3 answers. I am trying to learn reactjs by making some simple apps. I thought I had figured the basics out, until I stumbled upon a situation where I use. mousePressed( ) takes a function as its parameter, not a function call. There' s a good example in the official documentation : org/ reference/ # / p5.

    Element/ mousePressed. This would work in your case : change. io/ react/ docs/ reusable- components. html# no- autobinding. Methods follow the same semantics as regular ES6 classes, meaning that they don' t automatically bind this to the instance.