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Invalid json file error

Basically, any line where you' ve got an } here ( except for the last one), throw a comma after it. Then wrap the whole thing in a [ ] so it' s a valid json array. Your objects need commas between them. 1) your keys having ascii charecter 0- 31, 127 because firebase doesnot take this charecters as keys so make sure there are none of these charecters are in your firebase key or json key which is going to be firebase key. I just spent some time on this and found the issue for me ( and likely for many others) when getting this error message. It looks like firebase can only import files with UTF- 8 encoding ( no BOM). I found it strange, as I couldn' t. When I start the Android- Debug mode this error appears: Invalid json file: C: / Qt/ Projekt/ android- libProjekt. so- deployment- settings. I have read that I have to change the Qt building path but it always the same seems like you are constructing the JSON document with code that doesn' t follow the standard. If it is a library, please report the bug. If not, why not use a library? String: Characters that must be escaped: quotation mark,. SCHOOL NAME" : " Amrit Yatayat school", " ADDRESS" : " 7' / ' 2 Chhoti Gawlati Sardar Patel Marg Indore, Indore ' - ' 45", " PHONE NO. In uploading these data i am getting these error : - Invalid JSON data or key will take too much space to outline all my attempts and their ending errors.

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    Invalid error file

    I have two issues here with the file: issue № 1 - single quotes in orderDate value. it results with : JSONDecodeError: Expecting value. issue № 2 - zero. I' m going out on a limb here, since you didn' t provide your input data or the complete error message, but I. Get- Content reads the input file into an array of strings, whereas ConvertFrom- Json expects the JSON data in a. The JSON string in question ended up containing \ n and \ r in the chartHTML property, which by default are generated by the CKeditor. getData( ) method. Since i was pasting the errors from firebug they were not visible and the.